Travel to Australia: what to see, when to leave and how to save. Here are the tips

Among the many trips you have made, what is your life journey so far ? What you remember most emotionally , what you have carefully designed months and months before leaving, what literally changed your life , or at least your way of facing it. What, just thinking about it, makes you want to drop everything and leave . If flipping through your personal travel album , you want to add some new experience around the world , let Mentelocale give you some advice: if you’ve never been to Australia,

you absolutely have to reach it at least once in your life.
Australia is certainly one of the most dreamed of trips. But it is a huge country , literally on the other side of the world : for this it is necessary to plan your trip in the best way to avoid making mistakes. Are you looking for information on the documents needed to leave, information on the distances between the main towns , news on the climate and on local habits, as well as various useful tips to better enjoy your Australian dream?

Volver Tour Operator turns into the boutique of the trip to Genoa, and provides his experience of Australia to advise you on how to organize your perfect trip. You will be welcomed into a new central office, a few steps from Piazza della Vittoria and Via Caesarea, to assure mass i but privacy and peace during the meeting . Volver Tour Operator is also available for telephone appointments and via Skype . Here is a taste of the service offered by Volver Tour Operator , with some tips for your trip to Australia.

First of all to plan a trip to Australia you will have to make choices, you will not be able to visit everything at once and you will have to take into account the time of year and the seasons , since at the same time the temperatures and atmospheric conditions between north and south vary a lot. As duration Volver recommends at least 20 days of stay, whether you decide for a guided tour or whether you decide to travel in freedom, with a fly and drive . Volver Tour Operator will package your personalized holiday, tailored to your preferences. Take a look at the Australia Tips article : small tips for an extraordinary journey .

Attention, however, to travel on the road , the distances are boundless: Australia is the largest island in the world . For certain journeys it is better to embark on an internal flight, they are very frequent and comfortable, as well as at a good price . If you want to get an idea of ​​the itinerary by car , you can read this Volver Tour Operator proposal , modify it according to your preferences: Fly and drive in Australia . Driving in Australia will be exciting but also very safe, you will be able to see the most typical places and the most diverse environments in the country, thanks to a satellite navigator and precise directions to never lose yourself.

The recommended route starts from Adelaide , on the south coast, and then goes up towards the famous red center , the red desert in the middle of Australia. You will walk the Stuart Highway, a thin strip of asphalt that crosses the whole of Australia from South to North . Along this route you will see endless spaces, before reaching the mythical Uluru, the sacred red mountain for the aboriginal population . You can then proceed to Sydney or Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef .
Why contact a travel agency when you can book everything with a few clicks?

In a market saturated with offers and possibilities what really makes the difference is the quality of service , advice and assistance. Discover the many advantages of choosing Volver Tour Operator . Especially for a long and demanding journey like Australia, rely on those who know the places you dream of and can suggest how to make the most of your days, without wasting time or missing important steps. You will be the one to guide all the choices and to define the stages , in a sort of assisted DIY , Volver Tour Operatorwill offer you true relaxation by taking away the stress of reservations, fractional payments, the use of your credit card online, the advance of money for friends … With the guarantee of security and assistance, you can count on preferential and professional channels and enjoy a unique experience, designed on you.